A Review of the Wholefood Farmacy Income Opportunity

February 13, 2023 0 Comments

In a world of uncertain meals, people are finding that they are less healthy due to fast consumption of foods and how the foods were processed and prepared. Because of the busy lifestyle the food chain has become less clean and healthy and more fast and simple. This type of lifestyle leaves food without the right vitamins and nutrients needed in order to be healthy and provide the right amount of everything for everyone. A deficiency can lead to several different health problems, including High Blood Pressure or Diabetes. This type of lifestyle has also left people obese and therefore, unhealthy.

The goal of the Wholefood Farmacy is to change that and make meals that are consumed to be healthy and happy, right off the farm. Wholefood Farmacy has created a program that would allow someone to purchase a variety of food and other healthy accessories in order to live a healthy lifestyle. The Wholefood Farmacy goal is to substitute medicines or other means of losing weight with a healthy balance of meals from Wholefood Farmacy and exercise. They believe that the foods that are prepared from them have everything that a person needs in order to balanceCytotec Bolivia their systems and cost a fraction of going to the gym and using diet pills and programs.

Making Money

Making money is profitable as long as you have a few distributors under you to build your profit. There are several levels to their program to qualify. The first position is the Farmacist. This is considered the entry level position. You must have at least a $40 personal volume. Plus you will earn commission of 6% on your first seven levels. The next level is Apothecarist. Again, you must have at least $40 person volume and have at least 2 active sellers. You will also need a group volume of $25,000 in your first 7 levels. You earn a 6% commission on the 7 levels and a 2% infinity bonus when you reach level 8.

The next level is the Farmacognosist. You need to have at least $75 in personal sales and have 3 active sellers under you. You will also need a group total of $50,000 in your first 7 levels. You also earn a 6% commission on the first 7 levels and a 2% infinity bonus when you reach level 8. The final level is called the Entelechist. This level requires that you make $100 or more in personal sales. You also need to have 3 active sellers and a group total of $100,000 in your first 7 level. You get a 3% infinity bonus once you reach level 8.

There is a way to make money in the Wholefood Farmacy but it will take a lot of work before you see your profit. You need to be willing to accept multi-level commissions. As for the products, they sell themselves. When customers see the healthy food delivered to them you will have more customers purchasing them from you. Make sure the next thing you do is to hunt for a mentor, someone who is going to spend lots of their time showing you the ropes and helping you close that critical first signup to elevate your sales confidence.

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