Create an Image for Your Company: Branding Basics 101

December 19, 2022 0 Comments

Before you create a marketing plan, you must understand the difference between an advertising, general marketing and branding plan. They are all different and unique. Advertising plans tell you generally your target audience, which is also used for branding and marketing, but it only outlines where to place your advertisements.

A marketing plan on the other hand often calls for branding standards or those standards that tell a company what size their company logo should be in advertising, what colors to use in designs, how to analyze target audience reach and ultimately calls for a branding plan on how to create an image with potential customers. Therefore, branding is an essential part of marketing.

Top four steps for creating a successful branding plan:

  1. Define the target audience
  2. Determine clear company instruction for marketing and branding ambitions
  3. Have the guts to try new promotion strategies
  4. Suitably budget for branding using traditional or non-traditional methods


Step One: Define The Target Audience
Whether you like it or note, every shopper is not your audience. This is a Branding Bonanza Basic. Yes, maybe everyone with a vehicle needs tires, but that doesn’t make every person with a car a member of the target audience for a high quality tire shop. BONANZAJP  Does it? The answser is no.

Define your target audience by executing a customer survey with your existing client-base. Another method for double checking the definition of your target audience is to research what others say about who shops for the service or goods you are branding. The target audience definition determines Branding Bonanza Desserts or the strategic marketing plan and its measurable results and results.

Step Two to Branding: Clear Company Direction for Marketing and Branding Goals
Clear instruction requires all supervisors including company branding and marketing understand strategic marketing goals and pursuits and the direction outlined to accomplish those marketing goals.

Often executives with little to no marketing experience attempt to direct strategic marketing plans. Establish clear direction by trusting marketing experts’ instructions whether on staff or acting as a contracted marketing company. Know the measurements that equal success for your

Step Three: Have the Confidence to Try Something New in Branding
If you have a chance to try different methods for branding such as an innovative, local special event with cross promotion opportunities you must think carefully.

Return On Investment (ROI) is significant for measuring advertising and promotion effectiveness. Balance ROI goals (say 150% return on advertising for example) with innovative promotion opportunities that might not meet that ROI goal. Are you asking “Should I advertise on Facebook?” Advertising online may or may not return the targeted ROI goal so balance the ROI drive with new endeavors.


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