Why Ceramics Are Wonderful Materials

Whether you have a kitchen, a bathroom, a car, a skateboard, or even just a microphone, you most likely are using ceramics. But before I get way ahead of myself, let me discuss to you the most common uses of this material. Ceramics are well known for their durability and heat resistance, that is why they are favored as cook wares and kitchen wares like a ceramic tea strainer, plates, and bowls. They are very easy to clean and can even be used with dishwashers and microwaves, that is why pet owners prefer ceramic dog bowls as compared to plastics and metals. Ceramics are also perfect for any weather conditions, making them wonderful outdoor displays such as a ceramic garden stool, ceramic garden pixies, and ceramic house numbers. These items, just like you floor tile can last you a long time if you properly take care of them. Ceramics are very strong, no matter what they are used for, that is why removing ceramic tile and drilling ceramic tile requires a bit of knowledge and a lot of skills. ceramic manufacturer Basically, these are the common things ceramics are known for, as house displays, as bathroom tiles, and as kitchen wares.

What many people are not aware of however is that ceramics, have actually contributed a lot of things to our modern technology. Like I said earlier, if you have a skateboard, you most likely have ceramic ball bearings inside its wheels. These bearings are lighter and can reduce a lot more friction than steel ones, making the wheel run faster and reach its true speed potential. Ceramic ball bearings are also tougher than steel, that although they are a bit more expensive, they actually are a bargain because you don’t need to replace them as much as you would if you were using steel bearings. Cars on the other hand have ceramic break pads. These brake pads do not pose health dangers as compared to the asbestos kind, and run more silently than metal brake pads. More and more vehicles are now using this type of brake pads. Finally, although most of us have never heard of it, a Piezo ceramic element is necessary to create resonance on devices like microphones, stereos, and speakers. Ceramics, aside from being wonderful displays can actually generate voltage when a mechanical force is applied to them. This is the concept of piezoelectric effect